At Rubin & Associates, LLC, we offer complete and comprehensive assistance with all areas of real estate taxation. Our firm can assist you in areas ranging from tax incentives to appealing your assessment.

Tax Assessment Appeals: Our firm is your source for legal services regarding your property taxes. We can review, analyze, and contest your property taxes at all levels in the State of Illinois. We can assist with virtually any tax situation.
Tax Impact Studies: Tax liability is an important part of your annual expenses and business forecast. Our firm can complete tax impact studies in order to give you the most accurate picture of your future tax liability so that you can make sound decisions for the future.
Tax Department Services: Our firm can ensure that any real estate contract into which you enter is fundamentally fair and that all parties understand their rights and obligations. We can help you to draft, review, and negotiate these contracts, including lease contracts and other terms. We will do what is necessary to make sure that you have the right to seek future tax relief and assessment review.
Annual Assessment Review: We can help you to avoid unpleasant surprises on your annual tax bill through our annual assessment review service. We will make sure your property is assessed consistently and fairly, and we will be sure to start any appeals process in plenty of time to meet all deadlines.